Review: Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Although babies have been learning to walk on their own for years, there's nothing wrong with giving them a helping hand as they learn to stand and take those early steps. The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker claims to do just that, providing your little one with a whole range of fun features once they've pulled themselves up. Features Of The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker * 3 shape sorters, * Light-up shape buttons, * 3 spinning rollers, * 5 piano keys that play music notes, * Telephone handset, * Requires 3 AA batteries (included). Is The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Worth Buying? With any walker, it's important to consider how safe it is for your child. This is a toy that's designed to be leaned on, and you don't want it to fall over too easily. Thankfully, this is something you don't need to worry about with the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. It's sturdy enough for your child to pull themselves up, and it doesn't go fast enough to run away from them as they walk. The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker has been one of the bestselling walkers on the market for a good few years now, thanks to the fact that it comes with so many features. The toys light up and make noises to teach your baby about colors and shapes, and the music mode plays a selection of different songs. There are plenty of elements for your baby to explore with their hands, and the front panel of the walker can even be removed to be played with on the floor. Spinning flowers, piano keys and a telephone handset all give baby plenty of entertainment! Some parents have stated, however, that there seems to be too much to do on this toy. When your baby presses a button, you'll find that the toy may say the color the first time, and play music the second time, without repeating the color enough to sink in. Many parents are concerned that this is actually overstimulating for young children. There have also been reports of glitches leaving the buttons unresponsive at times. As with any other musical toy, the music and sounds on the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker can also get annoying for parents. Not only will they play out constantly when the toy is in use, but the sounds will also randomly start up again when the toy hasn't been played with for a little while. The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker isn't perfect, by any means. However, despite some design flaws, it still seems to be one of the most popular toys for this age category: one that most parents highly recommend, and most babies just can't get enough of!


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