Review: Tiny Love Gymini Activity Gym (Super Deluxe)

Activity mats have long been a favorite among parents of small babies. They provide an excellent environment for exploring new shapes, colors, textures and sounds, and are suitable for both sitting and lying on. The Tiny Love Gymini Activity Gym (Super Deluxe) is a toy that promises to keep your baby occupied for hours on end, thanks to its large range of different features. Features Of The Tiny Love Gymini Activity Gym * Music, lights and bright colors to stimulate baby, * Mirror for tummy time play, * Washable mat, * Folds up for travel or storage, * Cause and effect learning with a range of different elements. Is The Tiny Love Gymini Activity Gym Worth Buying? One of the most important elements of any activity mat is that it can keep baby interested, and thankfully the Tiny Love Gymini Activity Gym is successful in this respect. There are a number of elements to keep your baby busy, whether they're very young or a few months old (the manufacturer recommended age range is 0 - 1 year). There's plenty here for baby to explore with the included toys: they can pull the elephant down, rattle the giraffe and so on. There are also a number of different textures, such as the parrot's wings, the giraffe's tail and more. The mirror is also an excellent element that keeps children captivated, especially as they learn to use it to look further around them (though it is slightly warped in design, distorting the relfection). One of the benefits of the way the Tiny Love Gymini Activity Gym is designed is the fact that the toys can be removed. This is useful if your baby becomes attached and you want to travel with them, or you can simply rearrange them to help him explore a little more. Young babies may become overwhelmed with all the options at first, so detaching the toys can also help with this. It also makes them easier to clean! Of course, you can also attach extra toys if you want to, including some of your baby's current favorites. As well as the movements of the toys, colorful patterns, mirror and textures, your baby will also enjoy the two different music settings of the Tiny Love Gymini Activity Gym. Although the music isn't too bad, it's worth noting that any toy that plays the same music for hours on end can get a little tiresome for parents! Thankfully its two modes are quite different: one plays Mozart for 10 minutes, the other plays short snippets of popular nursery tunes. The fact that the mat is machine washable is helpful, but some parents have reported the colors fading after a few washes. This is a little disappointing given the fact that the Gymini is a little on the expensive side. That said, it will get hours of use and is well worth the money in that respect.


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